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Steve and Elly

Hi, we are Steve and Elly Wright from Michigan, USA.

Steve, a proud Michigander, spent nearly 20 years as a truck driver. I am originally from Malaysia, where I worked as an executive secretary for almost a decade before moving to America in 2022. We met online through an app called Smule, and after four years of a long-distance relationship, we finally became Mr. and Mrs. Wright.

Our dream has always been to travel the world and support our family financially. Despite having good jobs and decent pay, we found that our traditional careers were not enough to achieve these goals.

Then, everything changed. We discovered an incredible business platform through an ad and took a leap of faith to start our own online business. This venture has given us the freedom and flexibility we always wanted.

Now, we are on an exciting mission to empower thousands of parents and individuals like you to earn online and create a life they truly love! Our platform features cutting-edge tools and automation, making it easier than ever to run your own business and focus on what matters most.

Join our vibrant online community today and embark on your own journey to success! Let’s make your dreams a reality together!

If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

We love that we can do this business part-time and still spend precious time with our children and grandchildren!

Chris & Karen


This online business has allowed us to pay off debts after 16 months.

Dave & Roxanne

I only hoped for an extra income and to have a Plan B, never had I imagined that this will be our Plan A!

Katrina Umali

FrancoAgape & Akin

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